Pablo Accinelli

“150 cm”

Clips and padlock
Variable dimensions
Edition of 5 + 1 A.P.

In 2018 Pablo Accinelli began to work with lines of clips and padlocks distributed in space. The linked clips fall from the ceiling until they brush the floor, and the only interference in their fall is a padlock with its respective key. The function of these, in addition to giving a specific weight to the lightness of the set of clips, is to divide the space into constant measurements (10 cm, 50 cm, for example) to finally transform the work into a measuring tool. On this occasion, Accinelli presents the work 150 cm – a standard human sight height, used as default when installing an artwork. The landscape where it’s installed will be imprinted with the presence of a padlock floating and shining as a point of reference that will not only reflect its surroundings, but also absorb it.

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10% of proceeds goes to @lanchonete.lanchonete