Amy Bravo

“Tropicana Epitaph”
Acrylic, wax pasterl and paper mache on canvas and found object + surprise object to be placed inside of door compartment
32 x 30 ½ x 3 ½ in


“Tropicana Epitaph”, started to be conceived based on the arc in its top. Arches, and objects that mimic its form are always present in the artist practice. Her obsession with it, comes from it’s insistence on appearing in so many of the places she looks to for artistic and self actualization. From Cuban building facades, to the way a palm tree hangs its leaves, which is mimicked by the headpieces of the women who dance at the Tropicana in Havana, to the dwarfing architecture of St. John the Evangelist R.C.C. in Bergenfield, NJ, where both artist's Abuelo and Abuelita had their funeral services, to the very form of a grave itself, simultaneously a marker of a life in our world, and an entrance into the next. The women contemplated in this work are Tropicana dancers, seen off stage, leaning on each other. The artist visualizes them as between dead and living, perhaps trapped in the entrance into the next world, which is seen on the door of the small cabinet. Behind that door are two images and offerings that she makes to the viewer, to these women, and to herself as we mediate the arc of our lives while barrelling toward the arched doorway that stands between us and the next world. Inside the piece, the artist offers gifts from this world she would want to take with her to the next, and hopes that the viewer would be able to contribute with their own, as well, when assembling the work.

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